Freight Farms sow their seeds

Today Freight Farms launched their first, finished, farm in a shipping container. The co-founders Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara were joined by Senator Moore, Congressman James McGovern and Mayor Joseph Petty for the official grand opening.

Freight Farms official launch
Senator Moore, Congressman McGovern & Mayor Petty with co-founders Brad & Jon

Their farms are built inside recycled shipping containers lined with insulation to provide the maximum reduction of unwanted heat loss possible. The outside of the containers are topped with photovoltaic cells to provide power for the air conditioning and energy efficient LED lighting within. Plants are grown using a hydroponic growing system with LED lights targeting the exact wavelengths of light required by plants to flourish. Using LEDs for lighting keeps heat generation to a minimum and maximises the conversion of electricity into useful light with a minimum of waste.

Freight Farms

The idea was originally pitched on and quickly surpassed their initial goal of $26,040 finish at just under $31,000 at the end of 2011. Now 11 months on the first build is complete and ready for full farming production!

The original pitch via kickstarter

A huge congratulations to Jon and Brad for all your hard work and I wish you the best of success in this venture. I look forward seeing how you progress.

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