How scalable is solar-powered garbage disposal

The world is getting warming, and one of the natural disasters is garbage. The government has taken many measures which are meant to save the planet and go green. How many of these methods are effective?and how well the people are following the procedures?

There are many questions which needed to be answered. However, the measures which were taken by the government are huge, and some of them are working. There are few things which you can do to add some value to the environment, and you make that little effort to make the environment much better.

The latest technology has allowed us to many different things which are small, and they do not much of your precious time, and they are efficient than the bigger projects.

Solar-Powered Garbage Disposal?

How Scalable is Solar-Powered Garbage Disposal?

You can put the solar-powered machine to get rid of the garbage without affecting the nature. With this method, you are not only getting rid of the wastage but also making sure that th8e rivers, lakes, places and other places are not getting polluted.

If you are wondering how the process works, then let me take you on a short tour of how well it works and also explain to you how you can do it too. Nobody can tell how scalable it is, but you can try it yourself and learn about it.

Things You Need

A Large Lens

A solar powered does not describe you about the instrument used in the process. What you need is a big lens or big magnifier glass. The magnifier glass come at a low price as well and you perform the task at your home. Let me warn you that the magnifier glass needs to be placed at the center and the sunlight will be concentrated into a location.

A Big Glass Chamber

The chamber is required and ensure that it should be a glass flask for the experiment. If you have a better idea for this glass house replacement, then we would like you to suggest in the comments section. Make sure to add sufficient water to it, or you can damage the glass.

Insulated Steel tank

Once you pour enough water, then you need a semi-sized insulated Steel tank that can fit into the flask into the chamber without any issues. Remember, it is important that the tank is insulated.

Solar-Powered Garbage Disposal?


  • Remember, when you are using the big magnifier then make sure that there is nothing that can start a fire and protect yourself skin as well.
  • Once you are finished with the experiment, then do not remove everything. Instead let the flask cool down then disassemble it.
  • Make sure that you are performing it in out open, not in the house or balcony.
  • If things are not going as planned, then ensure you are taking a step back.
  • In the case of the emergency, keep a fire extinguisher with yourself.


If you are planning to take this process to another level, then you buy a solar machine to get rid of the wastage. If you have any questions regarding the topic, then make sure to comment below to get some answers.



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